Startup Immersion Program

Startup Immersion Program will provide resources and guidance to develop your most innovative solutions in cooperation with the most suitable startups. Solidiance Digital will source the most suitable startups from our wide network of startup accelerators and hubs across Asia, from Dubai to Shanghai. Our team provides the expertise in accelerating startups and innovative projects for large corporations to ensure the best alignment between your project and the startup.

What's in it for the startups?

These are the key advantages for start-ups joining Solidiance’s corporate innovation labs, instead of joining traditional accelerators and incubators.
Start-ups usually won’t have to provide equity to get the funding in corporate labs
Start-ups can use corporate resources to grow their business
Start-ups have direct access to industry focused mentors
Start-up might get the corporation or their partners as their first customers
Start-ups can use this collaboration to increase their visibility and build their brand





What's in it for the corporation?

This specific program will help large corporations in their attempt to digitally transform their business. This program will enable corporations to:
Accelerate the growth through corporate innovation and digitization

Implement digital culture with new ways of working around innovation, cost reduction and rapid product development

Connect with mentors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors in our digital ecosystem

Let’s work together!

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Build innovation lab in your industry

  • Define collaboration requirement and selection criteria
  • Source most innovative start-ups that should join the program
  • Facilitate the process of start-up onboarding

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Launch start-up immersion program

  • Official program kick-off with selected start-ups
  • Cross-functional teams of corporate mentors will join the program to learn more about alternative ways of working
  • The program lasts between 2 and 3 months

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Close the program with the big bang

  • Big Bang Day is the final event where start-ups present their innovations to key stakeholders
  • Corporate representatives will present what they learned through the process
  • Key stakeholders will rate the successfulness and determine how to continue collaboration


How can we help your business?

Would you like to try developing your products and services in a startup environment?

Do you need to launch your innovative idea quickly and without the barriers of your internal organization?

What does it take to have a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with a startup?

How to source the most suitable startups in Asia?

Concept defined

Start this journey with a developed concept and clearly defined needs and goals

In case you are not certain about these join our Solidiance Digital JumpStart Program to observe the customers, innovate, design, create prototypes and test

Solidiance will provide guidance in defining start up specifications, criteria for selection and collaboration (customer-supplier relationship, joint offer, participation, etc.)

Continuous support

You will not be alone in this journey. We will lead the way and help you find the most suitable start. We will guide the process in order to achieve our objectives and have a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Large corporation knowledge

With over 2800 strategy projects for Fortune 500 firms and 10 years of Asia presence we know how large organization operate and how markets work.

Sourcing the best startup

Solidiance Digital has access to hundreds of startup accelerators and hubs across Asia. We will source the winning startup from Hong Kong, Dubai, Jakarta, Shanghai, Beijing, New Delhi or other Asian cities that is satisfying your predefined criteria.

Methodology framework

Our framework guides different players to cooperate together in an innovative environment. Our project manager and consultants will ensure the success of the project.