Solidiance Digital Jumpstart

Digital Jumpstart program is the perfect solution for large and medium size enterprises to embark on their digital transformation journey immersed in their innovation ecosystem.

The ever-changing landscape forces large corporations to transform and become more agile. Large corporations need corporate entrepreneurs and we will help you train them. The team will identify relevant problems and develop a solution, with a prototype in the given time.

Cross-functional teams

The representatives and future drivers of innovation from your company will be immersed with our cross functional teams in an innovative environment to work on the development of your digital strategy and innovations.

Innovate, design and create

Your and your team will work closely with the our agile team, participate in the co-creation of the digital strategy and pilot the implementation.

Project ready for iterations

This program is not theoretical and esoteric but provides real solutions to real challenges companies encounter. Most of these projects will be implemented in less than 6 months and will show results in less than a year.


Solidiance Digital Jumpstart program enables employees of large and medium sized companies to work in an innovative ecosystem in order to launch new solutions in less than 6 months.


Solidiance’s Digital Jumpstart Program has three different modules:

Innovation Thesis and Framework

Solidiance’s Digital Jumpstart Program has two different modules:

  • Work in Solidiance’s Innovation Hubs
  • Build your Innovation Lab

This program lasts from 2 to 6 months and helps businesses to accelerate their innovation and transformation efforts while training their employees to be lead their digitization efforts.

Solidiance will provide access to a rich ecosystem of hubs, incubators and accelerators across Asia. Through Digital JumpStart program we enable your employees to work closely in teams with members from our pool of experts in AI, IoT, DevOps, UX, customer strategy, digital marketing and other.

How can we help your business?

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