Makeathon 24h of Innovation

This program is deliberately designed to accelerate ideation and innovation process and act as an eye-opener for key stakeholders. Within 2 days, the participants will go from pitching and validating ideas to designing prototypes and Minimum Viable Products to be presented to customers and stakeholders.

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Our Makeathon is not focused on startups but on traditional incumbent businesses in order to fast-track their digitization process.

Solidiance’s event introduces the company to a digital ecosystem in an environment where our developers, emerging technologies experts, consumer experience strategists and other consultants help businesses solve key obstacles to digitization and deliver prototypes in less than 48h hours. Our experts are deployed in three or more teams with your employees and managers working on solutions.

Makeathon will help you identify employees with a digital innovation mindset in your company. Moreover, it will prepare these employees for the the intensity of startup environment, build digital culture and assess ideas in your innovation portfolio

These types of event are very popular in tech companies and they are known as Hachathons, CodeDays and Codeathons. All of the mentioned events gather a group of coders, engineers and entrepreneurs to develop apps or other types of software in a short period of time.

How can we help your business?

Have you ever considered what was the secret of famous Silicon Valley startups?

How can you be one step ahead instead of competition?

How to leverage on existing disruptive technologies?

How to create ecosystems that could drive your growth?