Digital Ideas Validation

Solidiance DIGITAL brings you ultimate entrepreneurial programs for corporations –Innovation Trip Asia and Digital Discovery Trip: Silicon Valley. You will have the opportunity to discover some of the best innovations in the market and validate your own digital ideas.


How can we help your business?

Have you ever considered what was the secret of famous Silicon Valley startups?

How can you be one step ahead instead of competition?

How to leverage on existing disruptive technologies?

How to create ecosystems that could drive your growth?
Through the program, you will have a chance to review your customers, processes and products from an outside perspective. The goal is to build an innovation ecosystem and get a complete and coherent analysis of the current situation and ecosystem.

Building an innovation team

Create a digital innovation team in your company. Select people who are driving innovation in the company for the digital leadership team. Immerse the team in this process where they will get inspired by the most disruptive innovations in the industry.

Solving challenges and innovating

Share inspirational ideas with innovative startups and innovators in your local community region. Learn how to solve problems and seize opportunities in the market. Review your customers, processes and products and generate opportunities to pursue.

Creating an ecosystem for innovation

The team will be able to leverage the knowledge and create partnerships in order to form an ecosystem for further progress. This last step of the journey finishes with a training seminar with the team, partners and executives.


Digital Ideas Validation: USA and EU

Digital Ideas Validation: USA and EU provides personalized visits to Silicon Valley and European startups, tech giants (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook), Universities, accelerators, entrepreneurs and startups. Find inspiration and ideas in the most innovative hubs and digital ecosystems in the world.

Digital Ideas Validation: Asia

Immerse your business in an innovative ecosystem with: startups, accelerators, venture capitalists, students and entrepreneurs in your local or regional community. Live and breathe innovative digital culture and management in order to start the transformation of your business.

Make Silicon Valley mindset your own and awake intrapreneurial spirit.

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Explore and validate

  • Identify key subjects and trends related to digital transformation journey
  • A series of workshops with senior management in order to deliver an innovation thesis
  • Workshops with entrepreneurs, startups and mentors
  • Sessions will follow the pattern of 60 minutes of theory followed by 60-90 minutes of practical application on selected industries or sectors
  • Business environment canvas methodology used to find the best ideas

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Talk with digital leaders

  • Map out key relevant industry leaders, startups and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to engage with
  • High impact kick off meetings to dive straight into the ecosystem and culture
  • Learn how startups pivoted their ideas before they found the successful business model
  • Learn about the effects of the culture on organization and the overall strategy
  • How large corporations venturing integrate startups ways of working in their companies

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Test and accelerate

  • Validate and test actual ideas and/or prototypes with VCs, startups and entrepreneurs
  • Learn how to build, accelerate and scale the ideas in the market with some of the best coaches who helped startups in the Silicon Valley
  • Pitch the idea to venture capitalists