Digital Benchmarking

Our approach enables businesses to determine the challenges and opportunities in the market, benchmark competitors and assess threats in order to define their digital vision and roadmap with a set of quick wins.

Digital Competitive Benchmarking

We can precisely assess where your company stands in relation to proven patterns for success against the competitors that matter most. Our strategy and research teams work directly with your team to identify the right parameters and deliver the answers.
Patterns and practices that drive results
Key barriers to progress
New sources of revenue
Cross-functional alignment
Customer centricity
Omni Channel experience
Technology adoption
Skills and capabilities

Digital Solutions Benchmarking

This benchmarking will assess and benchmark specific digital solutions developed by the main competitors. Our goal is to identify digital assets, technology and IP that could enhance portfolio businesses’ products/ services.

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Tangent Benchmarking

Tangent benchmarking reaches out of the industry and typical competitors to find inspiration from the best corporate transformation success stories, innovative startups and projects.

Industry Threat Assessment

This assessment will dive deeper into potential threats in the market that might disrupt your industry and a business model. We advise on the growth drivers, what is the digital strategy of the business and how will this disrupt the market and impact growth.

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