From Farm to Fork

Whether your food business is in agriculture or manufacturing commodities, food and beverage products, consumer packaged goods or a provider of food services, there is an existing growth opportunity in innovation and digitization. Emerging markets have the opportunity to tap the potential of digital in the food chain through innovations such as digitization of agriculture processes, supply-chain optimizations, and various online ecommerce systems. On the other hand, many brick-and-mortar grocery retailers are in the process of making their e-commerce operations more economically viable and food services providers are influenced by numerous start-ups that are changing the industry.

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The Agriculture Revolution

The third agricultural revolution will be driven by the development of digital technologies, big data and advanced analytics enabling farmers to increase crop yields and improve decision making process. By harnessing digital innovation potential companies are open to new growth opportunities at every link in the value chain from field to fork. Ingredient and food transparency, driven by increased food safety concerns around the world, will impact the entire supply system. Solidiance will help you assess your internal competencies and help you build digital innovation culture within the existing business.

Food Manufacturing Digitization

Food and beverage industry manufacturers have been mostly focused on utilizing the potential growth with digital marketing and sales solutions. This industry is challenging and competitive in matured economies showing small expected growth rates in the next few years. Players are under a constant pressure around costs, quality, and efficiency so they are actively looking for new solutions. Digitization is making these businesses more effective and efficient by increasing mobility, enabling instant access to information and monitoring globally with digital solutions. Furthermore, digital age provides the opportunity to use analytics to understand customer feedback from social networks and use the information to improve their products and packaging. Solidiance is helping these companies identify key opportunities and define digital solutions that will help reduce overall costs and maximizing productivity, while maintaining food safety and quality.

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Retail Ecommerce

Retail industry is undergoing a challenging transition into ecommerce. E-commerce adds significant costs to a retailer’s operations since the price includes picking, packing and delivering an online order to a customer. Therefore, online grocery retailers need densely populated areas and economies of scale in order to reach profitability. They are also disrupted with third party start-ups, providing retailers with digital grocery order and delivery services which reduce fulfillment costs and give customers more options when shopping online. Solidiance is helping companies scale their business in digital age with personalized and omni channel ecommerce strategy and digital solutions. We provide innovative solutions to reshape the relationship with consumers, open new revenue streams and use the advantages of omni channel marketing and sales.

Food Services Digitized

Digitization is reshaping food services industries, where start-ups and digital technology provide delivery and food experience services for restaurants, increasing their sales significantly. These food related services include everything from food delivery, on demand catering, online reservations to customized food experiences. Development of Omni channel marketing and sales, and the impact of smartphones and the mobile Internet on customer behavior had significantly changed customer journey. Solidiance is helping companies to start investing in the relationships with their customers. We can benchmark other solutions and competitors around Asia and the world to gather different revenue streams and alliances models and learn from the best cases. We can help you find the right partners and develop specific digital solutions for your platform.

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Improve Food Safety With Technology From Production To Restaurants

Since food safety operations are still mostly manual, they tend to be hard to standardize and difficult to track. These problems are seen especially at larger companies where employees are working in multiple shifts across dozens of locations. Digital solutions such as various the food safety software, offer quicker results, automated reporting and real time, centralized management. Solidiance helps businesses determine what are the gaps in your operational process and provide the best solutions for a specific business in the food chain.