Ecommerce Business Transformation: KSA

Digital Transformation For A Middle East Media Player

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An established print media house in Saudi Arabia, the client was considering leveraging their content and business network in building a leading e-commerce venture conquering the Saudi Market.


The client wanted a transformational strategy for a e-commence venture. They needed an omni-channel e-commerce platform for their new business venture.

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Solidiance Digital had the following approach to determine feasibility and market entry strategy for this digital enterprise:

  • Internal assessment of digital competencies, Distributor diagnostics
  • Global competitive digital benchmarking, Identify most attractive segments
  • Defining new digital strategy blueprint and a business model, including a hybrid portfolio and fulfillment execution hub strategy
  • Building out Financial business plan with implementation road-map


Solidiance Digital helped the client by providing a detailed internal assessment of digital capabilities and competitive benchmarking of successful regional e-commerce concepts. Solidiance provided Analysis of key strength opportunities for a media company in ecommerce and In-Depth market analysis and identification of key e-tail niches and gaps. Lastly, derivation of a true USP business model and venture portfolio selection.

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Engagement ROI.

Solidiance Digital delivered a hybrid strategy that covers both B2C (e-tailportfolio) and B2B (fulfillment hub) and creates a self-supporting ecosysyem for AEDC, with a high potential of gaining market leadership while leveraging the increased e-commerce venture trend in the region.

A part of our services included a recruitment campaign for this new business venture in Saudi Arabia.

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