E-commerce Market Entry: Indonesia

Execution Ready E-commerce Market Entry Strategy

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A global Japanese conglomerate had partnered with a Giant Chinese e-commerce player and was looking to enter Indonesia’s e-commerce market.


The client wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of Indonesia’s highly fragmented and competitive e-commerce market, assess prospective future growth of the industry, and validate Indonesia’s market attractiveness.

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Solidiance Digital accomplished this by conducting:

  • Deep Dive Competitor Analysis, assessing current & future customer needs
  • Developing a route-to-market strategy that was execution-ready
  • Benchmarking Best Digital Practices
  • Understanding top E-Commerce Segments
  • Identifying best business model for adoption
  • Identifying best route-to-market


Solidiance’s team analyzed Indonesia’s e-commerce competitive landscape and conducted exhaustive discussions and interviews with a wide range of interviewees – ranging from industry experts, government representatives, industry associations, competitors, and other channel members. Solidiance developed a customized Digital Strategy based on the most prospective business model which would lead to the fastest and most reliable revenue generation scheme.

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Engagement ROI.

Solidiance Digital delivered a “ready to execute” digital strategy and roadmap, identifying the most opportunistic and strategically sound business model for Indonesia’s e-commerce market, identified the most attractive customer segments to cater to, and identified key market channels and set-up KPIs for channel partners.

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