E-commerce Business For Print Media: Singapore

Diversifying A Print Media Client’s Revenues With an E-commerce Business

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One of Asia’s largest conglomerates in print media, interested in expanding into Digital e-Commerce, without cannibalizing its own print business.


Due to fast changes in media market dynamics, our client needed to diversify and explore new business opportunities in the internet / online media space; specifically, the client was interested in expanding into internet search and online classifieds – but required a Asia-wide market assessment of e-commerce activities to understand which product segments to grow into, if not the desired areas.

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Solidiance Digital conducted the following:

  • Assess Taking Classifieds Online
  • Conduct Scenario Planning
  • Develop Asia e-commerce business strategy
  • Conduct Acquisition Search for Plug & Play Options


Solidiance Digital assisted the client first by sizing the current and future Asia online search business as well as online classified potential and by identifying the most innovative and successful players within these fields. Solidiance Digital provided a digital strategy for this client by profiled all largest players in key Asia markets and narrowed down several potential candidates based on growth strategy, business model competitiveness and management. The key factor in this approach was to align client’s business expectations with partner’s performance and future potential.

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Engagement ROI.

Within four months, our client has set a presence outside its key markets by means of strategic alliance and key acquisitions. This ensured a diversified approach to revenue generation, without cannibalizing its’ dominant print-media markets.

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