Digital growth strategy for a chemical pest control manufacturer

Digital strategy in China

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The client is one of the largest chemical producers in the world.


The client wanted a digital growth strategy in order to triple revenue growth by 2020. Furthermore, the client was interested to gain market share from local/generic manufacturers and accelerate their growth by channel expansion. The only possibility for the client to grow its business with such magnitude was to go digital and explore direct B2B sales online. The client has a poor penetration with mid and small size pest control operators which are dominated by local manufacturers. The client’s brand is perceived as a higher priced product, only focusing on large accounts with high willingness to pay, but this positioning was hampering our client's growth as the high-end market is rather small in China. The client didn’t have a clear digital strategy, and they had just started selling their products through a couple of online platforms in China.

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Solidiance Digital helped the client by providing a detailed Market Diagnostic and Digital Readiness Assessment of end-users in order to identify opportunities in online sales, regulatory constraints, we also analyzed the internal digital capabilities of competitors with higher market share to understand their key success factors. With a clear Digital Roadmap, we have enabled the client to estimate future conversion rate to digital sales and identify gaps in order to assess risks and determine mitigation steps across segments. The final phase of this project included the development of their Omni Channel online platform which included UX research, development, tests, and deployment.


Solidiance Digital placed a team composed of one Partner, one Project Manager, 4 consultants, 4 digital operatives, and two domain experts on this project. The project was executed in 4 distinct phases spanned across 26 weeks. The final phase of the product was the deployment of an online platform that was tested and approved by the client. The first two modules of the project included extensive interviews we executed using the probing technique for B2B interviews and the consumer research targeting households.

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Engagement ROI.

This project gave our client the strategic information needed to successfully embark on their new online sales strategy. Moreover, the client was provided with an online platform, integrated into their existing business model.

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